Andarine (S-4)

Today I am going to give my take on Andarine, more popularly known as S-4. When I used Google this morning to conduct further research for this page, I was amazed at how many blogs actually copied each other! To someone new to the study of SARMs, this can go unnoticed. To someone who is a more seasoned researcher, this can be concerning due to the increase of “Bro Science” and misinformation out there. I will attempt to give you FACTUAL scientific research backed up with my personal experience. I feel that this part is very important; if I have no experience with any of this, I’m just trying to sell you something. I feel that is unethical and you deserve better! Here we go:

This particular SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) is one of my particular favorites but gets a bad rap because of the dreaded eye sides that it can cause. Most people write it off at that point and I understand. If you have a job where you need to drive (especially at night) you need to be at your peak for your safety and others around you. For a lot of us, it is a minor distraction and it goes away usually within a week after discontinuing use.

Why it was created:

S-4, like many SARMs was created as an alternative to anabolic steroids. They were looking for the ability to be able to treat bone and muscle wasting diseases without the side effects that steroids can cause such as prostate enlargement and virilization in women. (creating man-like features) They found that S-4 can actually decrease the size of the prostate and was a potential male contraceptive. If you are shooting blanks while on SARMs, this is most likely the cause. S-4 was most likely abandoned in clinical trials due to the unwanted eye side effects.

Method of Administration and Dosing:

S-4 is an oral drug that is metabolized very rapidly and completely bio available. It has a short half-life of approximately 4 hours, which would suggest multiple doses throughout the day. I have found that dosing twice daily was sufficient, I do not believe that you need to maintain saturation in your body. Some researchers have dosed every 4 hours but their results were not sufficient enough to make me believe that this is the best method. An average starting dose is 50 MG split into two doses. 25 MG in the morning, 25 MG in the afternoon with one of those doses being approximately 30 minutes before a workout. I have known others to go much higher; in fact I ran it at over 200 MG per day but did not feel any extra benefits for EVER going this high of a dose. Takeaway: Don’t make it more confusing than it needs to be and use the minimal dose! We don’t need anyone growing a third eyeball or anything 😉

What is S-4 mostly used for?

S-4 is best at preserving muscle mass in a caloric deficit or a “cut” phase. It can be used in the bulking phase but there are better options available such as LGD-4033. S-4 is ideal for cutting since there is minimal water retention and an extra benefit is that suppression is usually not an issue. When in a cutting phase, some compounds can have a “flattening” effect meaning that muscles just don’t feel that full. With S-4, most users generally have amazing muscle pumps and strength increases that will make you feel better overall and not like you are starving your muscles.

Can I stack S-4?

Absolutely, this is one of the reasons that I love S-4 almost as much as Ostarine! S-4 is not super suppressive (2/3 the strength of testosterone) In fact, a stack with S-4 and Ostarine is amazing and my favorite SARMs stack! I get the healing effects of Ostarine, along with the pumps and strength and pumps of S-4; without feeling lethargic and suppressed like I do on heavier compounds.

Side Effects:

Now, as with any Research Chemical, I will give you the bad along with the good. The eye sides can get pretty intense. Sometimes there is just a slight yellow tint and sometimes it can be a slight pink. Sometimes I have difficulty seeing at night, other times it isn’t bad at all. That may be attributed to one factory has a slightly different manufacturing process than the next. Like I said earlier, this will go away after discontinuing use! Most times within a week for me, fully gone within two weeks. S-4 can cause a slight raise in blood pressure or a ringing in the ears. These are not the norm but I did experience it while on my first cycle of S-4; not in consecutive uses.

Takeaway and Final Verdict:

I love S-4! Just writing this makes me want to start a cycle today Lol 😉

I feel so super pumped and strong that the eye sides don’t bother me much at all! I would still suggest everyone who reads this to assess their on their own if S-4 is right for them. Please, please do NOT let anyone else decide for you what is right or wrong to put into your body. But as usual, with that being said:

Where can I buy S-4?

Please click HERE for my Trusted Vendors page. Here you cannot go wrong with any of these choices. I personally know these vendors, I didn’t just get a discount code from them. I talk with them on a regular basis and I know who their suppliers are as well! I trust these companies completely. But again, this is YOUR money and you can spend it wherever you like.

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