RAD 140 (Testolone)

As usual, I will present as much factual information on this particular SARM, then follow it with my personal experience with it. Enjoy!

Testolone (RAD140) is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) Once studied for Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) In the body, a normal dose of RAD140 mimics the effects of a LARGE DOSE of testosterone in muscle tissue, but expresses minimal affinity for non-muscular tissue. This results in substantially fewer undesirable side effects when compared with traditional anabolic steroids. For instance, it was proven that RAD140 has the unique property of countering the prostate-enlargement caused by testosterone use.

Furthermore, when Testolone was given to monkeys, there was a drastic increase in lean bodyweight during the administration period. This increase in lean mass was dosage dependent, so with bigger dosages there was a more pronounced increase in lean mass and loss of fat tissues.

How it Works

Just like the rest of the SARMS, Testolone has a selective mode of action, which allows it to have anabolic effects without most of the side effects usually seen with anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS). These side effects include prostate enlargement, head hair loss, and many others. This means that RAD140 interacts almost exclusively with the androgenic receptors in the muscle tissues and bones, but it does not activate these receptors in other parts of the body. As a result, we get pronounced anabolic effects, but without most side effects, which opens new possibilities for medical applications of SARMs in the future.

RAD140 compared to testosterone

Testosterone is considered as the perfect comparison template in terms of androgenic and anabolic effects of different compounds, where a ratio of 100:100 is the baseline. In this regard, RAD140 has an impressive ratio of 90:1. This means that it is almost as anabolic as testosterone is, but it lacks the androgenic effects, which is a very positive thing, since most of the side effects associated to steroid use come from their androgenic effects. On a negative note, it doesn’t aromatize into estrogen; therefore it is not a viable option to replace good old testosterone anytime soon.

Neuroprotective properties of RAD140

Few people know this: testosterone and DHT have a natural ability to preserve neurons and have beneficial effects on overall neural health. Therefore, it is not surprising that most neurodegenerative conditions, such as the Alzheimer’s disease, take place in those with androgenic deficiencies. However, using considerable dosages of testosterone may pose other health threats on the long run, as it will cause certain side effects. In the meantime, it has been scientifically proven that RAD140 exerts the same effects in the brain, making it an extremely useful compound for the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases. Moreover, RAD140 will drastically reduce cell death after suffering a stroke. Although these neuroprotective properties don’t carry an immediate benefit for bodybuilding purposes, they are a very welcome trait.

Use in medicine

Obviously, just like the rest of the SARMS, Testolone presents very good opportunities to those with muscle wasting diseases, sarcopenia (age related muscle loss), and androgenic deficiencies. Unlike anabolic steroids, which are used for the same purposes, patients will be able to take advantage of the same positive effects, while avoiding most of the undesired effects. Maybe.

Uses in bodybuilding

Logically, testolone can render incredible benefits to an athlete without the cost of prominent side effects seen with anabolic androgenic steroids. Particularly, Testolone will drastically improve one’s endurance and recovery, which will further lead to a considerable increase in muscle mass and strength. Consequently, RAD140 will be a great addition to any sort of cycle, where it will give all of these qualities without any additional side effects.

Side Effects

One of the most appealing aspects of RAD140, and all of the SARMS in general, is the lower side effects, making them seem to be some of the safest performance enhancing drugs (PED) these days. Testolone does not interact with the aromatase enzyme, so there will be no estrogenic side effects when using it as a stand-alone PED, or with other non-aromatizing compounds.

* I had to do a lot of editing on this document after spending time visiting with others and hearing their experiences. RAD and other SARMs are VERY suppressive and RAD is one of the most suppressive just below S23. Liver toxicity should be low but that is also something to be concerned about.

Dosages and proper use

The recommended dosages of RAD140 vary from 3 to 30 milligrams (mgs) per day, and the optimal cycle duration is 4-8 weeks.

My Experience

As per the usual, I will give my take on this SARM as I have experience with it and it is interestingly enough; not limited to just me.

The first two times I used RAD, it felt like a large dose of test. I had a super alpha male feeling; I was super horny all the time (sorry, but it’s true) My sex drive was unbelievable and oh yeah, my workouts were pretty good too but I didn’t put on any crazy mass with it or anything…

After those first two times, nothing. I get a drying effect and that’s about it. Oh yeah, anything over 20 MG per day and I’m just pissy which isn’t a desirable effect considering that this is also one of the most expensive SARMs out there. Who wants to waste their money just getting ticked off when you can watch the news for free!?

After talking to others, I am not the only one in this boat. RAD seems to have a point at which it does nothing, even paired up with real Test. I don’t know why this is, but it just is. Some never get anything at all from RAD! It seems that half respond to LGD, half respond to RAD. I guess what that means to me is that these are after all, drugs and some respond well, some don’t.

Takeaway and Final Verdict:

So, I would have to give RAD a D grade. I didn’t get much from it overall and it just doesn’t work that well for me. That being said, don’t let me tell you what is best for you, just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean that you won’t! It may end up being your favorite SARM of all time 😉

Where can I buy Testolone RAD 140?

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