What in thee heck is Insyde Out Fitness?

One day this past summer I was riding my bike to the gym as I often did, today I was sporting my “Insyde Out Fitness” T-shirt that I designed on Teespring. I was very proud of it, it fit well and I looked good in it. (Check it out on

Hehe 😉

I noticed that I was getting quite a few looks on this particular day and as any man would, I was thinking that I must be looking quite exceptional. In my mind, I was about to have a stellar workout in my lady killer gear. When I got to the gym, a very attractive woman at the front desk said to me “You spelled Inside wrong”. Dreams crushed, hopes destroyed. People weren’t looking at me and thinking “what a stud”, they were looking at my shirt and wondering why this idiot was walking around with a misspelled word on his shirt. Classic me.

I think sometimes people get the whole “Insyde Out” thing, and other times I try to explain what it means only to get a puzzled look. Others may think that I am trying to be a huge, ripped bodybuilder who takes constant selfies and workout videos which couldn’t be more wrong! In fact, it isn’t even about ME, it’s about YOU – hence the Y in Insyde. Sure, I may give you my experience and knowledge (or lack thereof), share with you a funny story or an inspirational one, but in the end I truly do want to be more of a coach for YOU. Someone to help by cheering you on, giving you courage, telling you things that are personal and/or embarrassing that I have done in the hopes that I can help you to be the best that you can be.

As an alcoholic in recovery, I understand addiction. I understand waking up one day and realizing that you are fat, lazy, out of shape and it seems as if your life has passed you by. It is my hope that I can help others like myself to see that you are not alone, you are worthwhile, you are loved and you are amazing, you just don’t know it yet! I truly believe that our outside is a product of how we feel about ourselves on the inside. By getting healthy on the inside, we can start to make some changes to our outside appearance. It is not too late to get healthy! Do it for yourself, your family, and others who care about you – but just do it!

I have been blessed to be able to make some kind of a living by re-connecting with my passion of fitness and bodybuilding. I have been blessed to meet all kinds of new and interesting people. Not every day is bright and sunny, not everyone “gets” what I am trying to accomplish. Not everyone understands me or even likes me and that is ok! I do what I do by being as open and honest as I possibly can be, and at the end of the day I will leave the rest up to my higher power Jesus Christ.

Hope you have a fantastic day and God Bless!


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